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Diderik René Guillot was born in Haarlemmermeer-Vijfhuizen in 1961.
He currently lives and works in Enschede.
He keeps himself busy with projects, workshops, painting and sculpting.

René grew up in a family in which both parents worked as artists.
The motto of his family was “Express yourself creatively!” That’s why he was allowed so much space in his childhood to try all imaginable creative areas.
He had all kinds of materials at his disposal and he was able to master certain techniques.
His youth formed the basis for his life as an artist.
Music also played a large role in his youth. René was first able to express his emotions by playing the guitar in various bands, and he still does.

In 2002, René met Enschede artist Sonna Krom.
He was very inspired by her work and decided to take lessons with her.
She taught him the basic techniques of realist painting.
Naturally, René developed his own style of painting – it’s a style best described as abstract expressionism.  His work is characterized by violent brushstrokes with bright colors.
René employs a mix of techniques in his painting and doesn’t follow any rules.
Sculpting became important to him the last few years, in various materials like iron, bronze, wood etc. He also shares his expertise and skills throughout workshops.

He mostly begins his work without a base idea and gradually a course emerges.
In this way, he passionately immerses himself in a new adventure over and over again.

Latest news

Tula Expo Art Curacao

Sculpture @ Rene Guillot. Exhibited at the Renaissance Mall (Curacao) in commemoration of the 150 years of the abolition of slavery. Sacrifice of Tula [Opoffering van Tula] 126 cm x 52 cm x 41 cm Mixed media Een gevallen schild als herinnering aan een zwarte bladzijde van een opengeslagen boek, waarin een volgend hoofdstuk zich […]

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The Dreamcatcher Curacao 24-02-2014

Dedicated to all the freedomfighters in general and the dream of Martin Luther King in particular. Only love and sacrifice can move mountains. Christoffelberg is now 99 cm higher….! Dedika na tur luchado pa libertad en general i particularmente e sonjo di Martin Luther King . Solamente Amor i Saifisio por hala un seru Kristofel […]

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