The Dreamcatcher Curacao 24-02-2014

Dedicated to all the freedomfighters in general
and the dream of Martin Luther King in particular.

Only love and sacrifice can move mountains.
Christoffelberg is now 99 cm higher….!

Dedika na tur luchado pa libertad en general i particularmente e sonjo di Martin Luther King . Solamente Amor i Saifisio por hala un seru Kristofel berg awor ta 99 cm mas haltu.

Curacao 24-2-2014

The Dream catcher Curacao team.

Philippe Zanolino & Rene Guillot

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Berghorst Ginever (Design new Ginever bottle)

For me is “Germorfosis”: the emotional display of new developments. The power and energy needed in new processes and the joy that we feel at these developments may abstract. The time period in which it takes place, to me is just as important as the result. In short, we must cherish, enjoy of the time […]

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Dreamcatcher arrived at the Cathedral of thorns (Herman van Bergen)

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