In our daily lives we frequently get ahead of ourselves. Our place for purpose in society is often unclear to many. We are busy managing work, family, career… But where does that leave us? This workshop reconnects us to our ‘Self’. We do this by making each other aware of our inner strength and by developing our creative side during the workshop. We relate this to our daily lives. In this way, we can fuse all separate parts to form a whole: work, team, family and ourselves.

This workshop can make aa contribution to better cooperation and communication. In this respect, we use man’s positive nature as our starting point. We make this journey together. In a pleasant way, we stimulate each other’s creativity and insights. Teambuilding can improve cooperation and motivation.



  • Have the courage to be yourself, in the company of others – and to enjoy it.
  • Expand your creativity and share this with the group.
  • Become aware of year thoughts and how powerful they are.

During this workshop I will accompany you on a journey into an abstract world. I do this by connecting you with your subconscious mind. Rediscovering yourself can be a stimulation to change and reinvent. We can reinvent at any time. A good example of this was the ‘Cobra’ art movement 1948 – 1951.


This group of artists practically always painted without a pre-determined idea, just like children do. Animals were a well-liked theme. They mostly painted using primary colors, onto various kinds of materials. Rules regarding perspective no longer applied and freedom of work was essential. Life itself could become an art form…!



We often tend  to stick to acquired patterns of behaviour. These patterns are often recognizable within a team, often arising from judgement or prejudice. Creative teambuilding is a pleasant way to break free from existing patterns and to apply renewed ways of looking at things. We will look for hidden qualities, both individually and as a team. By painting together, you get new insights and you learn how to look at things in a different manner. After all, a painting can tell different stories, it just depends on how you look at it.



By nature, form contracts. By nature, energy flows. We are the dialogue between form and energy. All energy is potential creative energy. Form decides. Without form, no works of art would exist.

Have fun!

Group of 6 is also possible.

For teambuilding it’s also possible to use a theme.

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